Nominations are now closed.

Before you start your nomination, ensure you meet the following criteria:

N.B. A nominee or team can be nominated in different categories in the same or consecutive years. However, the nominations must be for different work.

All entries are made online in a straightforward process:

Step 1 - Do your research

Review the categories, nomination FAQ's and top tips before starting a nomination.

Step 2 – Start your nomination

Click the Nominate Now button. If you have previously registered, login at the right-hand side of the page. If not, create an account and select a category.

Step 3 - Click submit

Don’t miss the deadline of midnight on Monday 8 April 2019. No extensions, no exceptions.

You can save your nomination and edit it as often as you need to before the deadline. Your nomination is complete when you click submit.

Step 4 - Hold the dates

Hold these essential dates in your nominees' diaries:

  • Wednesday 10 July: Innovation Excellence
  • Thursday 11 July: Integration Excellence
  • Friday 12 July: Quality Improvement Excellence

Finalists are required to present to a panel of four judges in London on these dates. If they can't attend, their nomination will not progress.

Winners will be announced in November at the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards Ceremony. Details to be announced shortly.

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